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Bay to Beach Bikeway

What could the Bay to Beach route look like?

Feeling Safe and Comfortable Biking

Growing numbers of people, like this Richmond District family, are using bicycles to get around the city. However, like many people, they want to feel confident that their children will be safe biking on San Francisco Streets. In the not too distant future, this family and many others will feel safe and comfortable biking thanks to Connecting the City’s bikeways.

Freedom for the Kids

Chiara, age six, and Luca, age four, love biking to get to and from the library, school, the doctor and dance classes and that makes Stephanie’s daily life easier too. Like so many stay-at-home parents, each day is full of activities and she’s found that days are simpler and more fun when she and kids can use bicycles to get to and from the places they need to go.

Door-to-Door Biking Access

Stephanie is much more comfortable now that her husband is able to commute downtown on the Bay to Beach bikeway which provides safe, door-to-door biking access to his job and a lot of the places they love to go. A couple of days a week Joe and Luca bike to school together via the JFK Drive bikeway. This protected bikeway gives Luca the freedom to experience the joy of biking and he loves greeting passing commuters by dinging his bike bell, and Joe is able to ride worry-free alongside. After Joe drops Luca off, he reconnects with the comfortable bikeway on Oak Street, which is physically separated from moving vehicle traffic with a buffer of parked cars, and joins a large group of commuters all headed downtown. He continues on the traffic-calmed streets of the lower Haight and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods and seamlessly connects with Market Street’s bikeway, where smooth, reliable Muni service runs alongside. Joe checks his bike into a bike parking station in the mid-Market area, grabs a coffee and walks the final few blocks to his Financial District office and is on time for another work day.

Taking Advantage of City Life

On the weekends, the family takes advantage of a rich city life and access to places like the Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, the DeYoung Museum and playgrounds. Biking to the playground in Golden Gate Park, Stephanie feels at ease knowing her family is protected in the buffered bikeway on JFK Drive. The line of parked cars between her kids and faster moving traffic gives her the confidence that everyone is safe. And their joy in biking as a family is contagious. Using their bikes to live and shop in the city is affordable and being able to bike side-by-side with the kids means mom and dad have more time with them — and the kids love it too.

What’s in the works for the Bay to Beach bikeway?

  • The Heart of the Route in 2012. We will achieve this be getting 1.5 miles of separated bikeway on JFK Drive by early 2012, and connecting it with a bikeway on the three blocks Fell and Oak Streets between Scott and Baker Streets and immediate improvements to the traffic-calmed streets of the Wiggle route in the Lower Haight.
  • Improvements to Market Street. The City’s Better Market Street project is closing in on a final design of a reimagined Market between Octavia Boulevard and Steuart Street. We are actively organizing support to ensure that the plan, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2015, features a wide, continuous, green separated bikeway.

Stories about Bay to Beach route

  • Act Now to Help Get Separated Bikeways on Fell and Oak in 2012

    Dec 202011

    Want to help get separated bikeways on three blocks of Fell and Oak Street between Scott and Baker? Take a few minutes today and ask Mayor Ed Lee and SFMTA Director Ed Reiskin to connect the Panhandle to the Wiggle with separated bikeways. As the SFMTA nears the end of it’s community outreach and planning process and narrows in on likely options, it’s important for our city leaders to hear your story and why separated bikeways on these three blocks of Fell and Oak are important to you. Click here to read the SFMTA’s detailed project information and presentation

    Please email and today. We’ve prepared the following email to help you voice your support. Please also cc:

    Your email is important to show the diversity of support for three blocks of separated bikeway on Fell and Oak Street between Scott and Baker. The SFMTA is currently summarizing neighborhood feedback and narrowing in on options for this project. Stay tuned for updates and more ways you can help. Contact for more information or to be added to our Fell and Oak email list.

  • Connecting the City’s bikeways will allow growing numbers of people, like this Richmond District family, to feel safe and comfortable biking in San Francisco.

  • A separated, protected bikeway on one side of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park will make family biking safer and more enjoyable and create an inviting connection for the growing population of people who commute downtown.

  • A protected bikeway on Fell and Oak streets will create a safe commuting route for the large and growing number of bankers, nurses, gardeners, and other people who live in the western part of the city, while improving the experience for people walking on the Panhandle path.

  • Market Street will move more people who work and want to shop in the heart of our city with a comfortable bikeway, smooth reliable Muni service and wide, inviting sidewalks.