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One More Link for the Museum Educator

Aug 292011

Deb Clearwaters, Museum educator, talks about the new 17th Street bike lanes.

Find out how you can help fill in a gap of the 17th Street Bike Lanes here.

How have the 17th St Bike Lanes improved biking for you?
Part of my daily commute, almost always by bike since November 2010, is along 17th at the base of Twin Peaks. I am fortunate to have a bike lane almost my entire commute from upper Corbett to Civic Center. This really helped me get over the initial fear of cycle commuting. I also sometimes go see bands at the Bottom of the Hill or Thee Parkside via 17th. If it weren’t for the bike lanes along 17th and throughout the city, I would probably ride home and get my car to go out after work.

What’s your favorite thing about getting around San Francisco by bike?
Having cycled everywhere in small college towns and beach towns on the east coast, I really wanted to get into cycling as transport again. San Francisco has the climate and the cycle-friendly roads making it feel like a smaller town from a biker’s perspective. My sense of well-being and health has greatly improved since starting to commute by bike. I lost 20 pounds and now look forward to my climb up Twin Peaks, where I dreaded it for the first few months. I love whizzing by the jammed cars on Market street in the mornings. It truly is the fastest way to get to work for me.

What’s your favorite destination to bike to in San Francisco?
Home. The climb up Twin Peaks is gorgeous along Corbett where there are lots of flowers and not too many cars. I sometimes pass through 4 different micro-climates, from breezy and clear to warm and dry to a fog storm at the top.