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Mayor Ed Lee: Let’s get to work Connecting the City

Feb 242011

Mayor Ed Lee talks to Streetsblog Editor Bryan Goebel. Photo: Christine Falvey

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee told Streetsblog this week that he’s ready to get to work connecting the city, starting with a Fell Street bikeway. The Mayor was plain in his support for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Connecting the City vision for a series of connected crosstown bikeways that will help everyone from an eight-year-old child to his eighty-year-old grandmother feel safe and confident biking:

I’d like to help initiate some new things that the city wants to do, both the city family and working with the Bicycle Coalition, which I think has had a very good relationship in the past few years. This new program called Connecting the City, I’d love to just take one of those new routes, and maybe before it’s perfected, ride with the people who are trying to figure out how that street or that route might be — what could we do to make sure that we can get the whole city family of agencies together and make it work. That would be exciting to do just from the ground up, so I look forward to that opportunity … I want to get to that experiment on Fell Street quickly because I’d like to see how these lanes that we are dedicating would be away from the open doors, and away from fast traffic.

Listen to the whole Streetsblog interview here and find out how to get involved with Connecting the City here.