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Email Today to Voice your Support for this Separated Bikeway

Jan 252011

Imagine how confident you would feel biking in this protected bikeway, separated from vehicle traffic, all the way from the Panhandle path to Crossover Drive. Envision how welcoming this bikeway would be for the growing number of families who want a safe way to bike to museums and playgrounds in the Park and the large number of people who want a comfortable route from the western neighborhoods to downtown. Please take a minute to email Philip Ginsburg, General Manager of the Recreation and Parks Department, and let him know that you want 1.5 miles of safe, protected bikeway on JFK Drive by this spring.

Please email today. We’ve prepared the following email to help you voice your support. Please also cc:

Your email is important to show broad support and get this vision for 1.5 miles of separated bikeway on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park by this spring. The first project of our ambitious Connecting the City plan for 100 miles of continuous, crosstown bikeways that are designed for everyone from an eight-year-old child to her eighty-year-old grandmother.

Stay tuned for updates on the JFK Bikeway and more ways you can help. Contact for more information.