Connecting the City

Crosstown Bikeways for Everyone!
A Project of the
San Francisco
Bicycle Coalition

What is Connecting the City?

Connecting the City addresses the question of how to make San Francisco a city that is easy to shop, live, work and play in while also preserving our unique neighborhoods and commercial districts. By designing our city’s bike network for everyone, from an eight-year-old child to an eighty-year-old grandmother, we can provide inviting and safe door-to-door access to shop, commute and play by bicycle. Already, huge and growing numbers of diverse San Franciscans are biking thanks to improvements like the Market Street separated bike lanes and events like Sunday Streets (a 71% increase in bicycling just in the past five years) — it’s clear that more San Franciscans want to get around by bike.

Connecting the City builds on this demand and envisions the year 2020 when 100 miles of crosstown bikeways will help a growing population of San Francisco residents and visitors bike more often, relieving our crowded roadways and strained transit system. Elegantly designed bikeways that are physically separated from vehicles will help everyone from you, your boss, your neighbor’s child or your mother-in-law to feel comfortable and safe biking on San Francisco streets. San Francisco is a center of innovation and biking is integral to fostering the culture and economy of innovation in the city. To feed that economy of innovation and open it up to more people in the city, we need to invest in Connecting the City. Learn more about the bikeway routes.